Custom Novelty Number Plate – Japanese Size


Plate Size: Japanese 331mm x 166mm


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Characters can be numbers, letters in upper case, spaces, diamonds, dashes (-), pound or hash (#) at symbol (@), ampersand (&), apostrophe (‘) or full stops (.) and are embossed onto the base plate in one of two different heights with Medium (M) = 60mm, and Small (S) = 50mm depending on the number of characters (the largest size that fits will be used). Characters that are not mentioned above will be added as a non-embossed decal.

Small and Medium characters can be positioned vertically to top, centre or bottom and horizontally to left, centre or right of plate.

The diamond or dash is centrally positioned in the character line and dot/full stop is positioned at bottom of character line.

All characters including diamonds count towards the allowable character count for your chosen plate size.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding when ordering a custom that requires a space, diamond, dash or dot/fullstop, please use the following:

  • For a space, just leave a space between characters
  • For a diamond just type the star symbol: *
  • For a dash, type the dash symbol: –
  • For a pound or hash, type the hash symbol: #
  • For an at symbol, type the at symbol: @
  • For an ampersand, type the ampersand symbol: &
  • For an apostrophe, type the apostrophe symbol: ‘
  • For a dot/fullstop (bottom alignment only), type the fullstop symbol: .

The characters are then coloured to highlight them, and the chosen character colour also becomes the plate’s border colour.

Please note that the various states/territories use different fonts, are changed often and can be different depending on the plate design. The font we use may not look the same as another plate you have seen somewhere else. For example, our font has number one’s as Custom Novelty Number Plate Number 1 Font With Serif (with serif by default) or as Custom Novelty Number Plate Number 1 Font Without Serif (without serif by special request only) and letter i’s look like Custom Novelty Number Plate Letter i font.

Colour Variances

Please note that the colours shown are an approximation and may not be an exact match to production plate colours. Colours may appear different depending on your computer/monitor/device etc and may differ from batch to batch. When light colours are used on dark backgrounds they may appear darker. Some examples: Yellow on black background will appear darker (almost orange), red on black will appear as dark red, maroon on green will appear as dark maroon and so on. Returns for not liking the colours are not possible.

Design Restrictions

We do not replicate government issued vehicle registration plates. Orders for suspect letter/number combinations (e.g. ABC*123) will be rego checked and not fulfilled if found to be registered to a vehicle. The factory will not supply plates that carry anything resembling a State identifier (ie: the small line of text such as VIC, NSW, QLD etc).


If spaces are required between characters these count as a character, and unfortunately punctuation marks such as apostrophes are not available as embossed characters. Sometimes decals may be used but not available in all cases. Punctuation will be removed if not possible to produce.

Plate Size

Please Note: Some colours are not able to be printed on some backgrounds. Please see the chart in the image gallery for details.

Japanese 331mm x 166mm

Characters in sizes: L, M, or S. 1 line only. In L size 5 character max, in M size 6 character max. In S size 9 character max.

Background Colours: Japanese novelty number plate base colour range is in a choice of 2 colours – White & Black.

Custom Novelty Number Plate Base Colours (Japanese Plates)

Characters & Border Colours: The character colour range is in a choice of 10 colours – White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Chrome, Green, Red & Maroon.

Custom Novelty Number Plate Base Colours (Japanese Plates)


  • Same size as official Japanese number plates
  • Aluminium sign
  • Rounded corners
  • Embossed lettering and border
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes

Manufacturing and Delivery

Orders are batched into weekly manufacturing runs. Delivery times usually vary between 5-10 days but please allow up to 14 days.


  • 1 x Custom Novelty Number Plate Sign (WITH YOUR CHOICE OF SIZE, COLOURS & TEXT)

* These plates are supplied as Novelty Number Plates. Attachment of a novelty number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, distract from, or imply it is the actual registration plate of the vehicle.

Additional information

Background Colour

Black, White

Character and Border Colour

Black, Blue, Chrome, Gold, Green, Maroon, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

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